The Gangs Of Samastipur Films Entire Unit Wishes Everybody A Happy New Year 2017

The action oriented film The Gangs Of Samastipur has  completed post production activities, Editing Dubbing, Poster Designing etc now ready for an very early release. Th film has many melodious songs, action scenes and drama.  Thi Film stars Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Anand Dev Mishra, Priya Rajput, Komal Mishra, Ali Khan and others.       This Film Is being made under the banner of Rajnandani Film Entertainment, and being Produced by Rakesh K. Chaudhary, Written & Directed by Vinod Masih, Music by Chandan Vikash, Lyrics R. V. Paswan, D.O.P. D. Bhawna –P. Mishra,Editor Nakul Prasad, Dance: Kedar Subba – Rajesh Sharma, Fights by Premji,  Production. DhirajK.... read more

Iqbal Suleman AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN Is An Unforgettable ,Hilarious Film On Struggling Actors”

Director Iqbal Suleman has done the impossible in Bollywood. He has successfully made a film AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN with lookalikes of these three superstars. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA met the genius director who has the gift of the gab to tackle themes and stories on lookalikes of the greatest actors and he is exploring more and more themes based on the lookalikes of the star actors in leading roles. Excerpts. How did the idea of bringing the three Khans come to you ? Till now no one has succeeded in bringing Aamir,Salman and Shahrukh Khan together in a single film. I knew that even if I bring the three lookalikes of these three greatest superstars of today, I have won the battle. I was looking out for a lead and luckily I found one day that great makers like Sajid Nadiadwala ,Farha Khan and Karan Johar were toying with the idea of signing the three Khans together in a single film. But they had only expressed their wish. Practical kuch huaa nahi. And I wondered if this dream of watching these three together will ever happen in a Bollywood film. Then Farha Khan delivered triplets and I was inspired by the Manmohan Desai formula of the lost-n-found drama of three brothers in AMAR AKBAR ANTHONY. I managed to write a script which had entertainment value and was truly based on the superhit Manmohan Desai formula which has always been appreciated by the masses in a big way. Thus I made AMIR SHAHRUKH SALMAN with the three wellknown lookalikes Debashsih Ghosh,Raju Rahikwar and Sagar Pandey in the respective roles. Farha Khan had once stated in a Reality Show that we all want to see the Khan triumvirate of superstars in the same frame, but we all know it is difficult and tough. Comments. I know the biggest casting coups that can get the cash registers ringing in the cinema halls hasnt happened till now, I decided to bring the three lookalikes in my film and luckily I got the very popular distributer Dilip Dhanwani on board as he has also distributed a superhit film RAMGARH KE SHOLAY which had lookalikes of  Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan and it was a superhit. Then Dilip Dhanwani has a great sense of publicising the films he distributes and he treats the films as his own babies which will give the  desired box-office results from the cinema halls. As the film has a  modest... read more

KARMVEER CHOUDHARY “I Have Acted As Aamir Khan’s Father In DANGAL”- 

Hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan,  Karanveer Chaudhary is on Cloud Nine as his character of the father of Aamir Khan in DANGAL is being talked about in a big way. His scene in DANGAL changes the perspective of Aamir’s life in the film when he advises Aamir to leave the dreams of becoming  very big as a wrestler and Aamir succumbs to his father’s wishes. ” I Have Played The Role Of Aamir Khan’s Father “, he says proudly. Karmveer had meaty roles in films like the Salman Khan starrer SULTAAN where he tells Parikshat Sahni :” Tera Betaa ek din medal lekar ayegaa”  and my words come true as Salman Khan wins not one but several medals. I did act in meaty roles in films like WARRIOR SAVITRI, TERI MEHERBANIYAN Part 2 and several more films.” ” I have just completed the shooting of the film SAAT KADAM, an Eros International Production,  as the owner of the football team Prakash Aggarwal and the film’s hero is  Amit Sadh who is the football player with Ronit Roy in a powerful role too. I had enacted  the role in Salman Khan starrer VEER with lots of ‘Daadi-Moochee’ and the character got lost in the heavy make up and so I was not recognised by the filmmakers as well as the audiences. My scenes with Alia Bhatt in DEAR ZINDAGI  were very well directed by Gauri Shinde who eventually had to cut it as the film’s length became more than the required one and she promised me another film. I am looking forward to work with all my heart and soul put into my performances and the film industry has at last recognised me, thanks to Aamir Khan and his whole group of technicians who praised me a lot. I am now looking forward for two of the films where I am having lengthy roles viz.YEH HAI INDIA and MUMBAI TIGER which is based on the life and times of Balasaheb Thackeray. I am also acting in the serial BADO BAHU as ‘Taujee’ and Pankaj Dheer is playing my younger brother. This serial , telecast Mondays To Fridays every week in the Prime Slot of 9.30 p.m. on NDTV is Haryanvi based and I can talk Haryanvi language very well besides Hindi, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri and Braj... read more

Tripty Sinha Sings With Javed Ali

Tripty Sinha has rendered one sentimental and melodious duet with popular singer Javed Ali on 28th December at Empire Sounds for an untitled film which has lyrics by Azeem Shirazi (Kabhi Jo Badal Barse fame, filmed on Sunny Leone and  Vikram Bhatt’s 1920 London fame). The song was composed by Shaakir Wajid ( cousins of wellknown music composers Sajid-Wajid).  Director Hadi Ali Abrar and writer M.Salim (both of Dongri Ka Raja fame),producer Baldev Singh Bedi ( of LOVE DAY), Akbar Khan( erstwhile assistant in PYAR KA PANCHNAMA and now independent director of DRAMA QUEEN, being produced by Baldev Singh Bedi) graced the recording alongwith many wellknown businessmen and leading... read more

India’s first NBA player, Satnam Singh Bhamara’s ‘One in a Billion’ story ready to be told to the world

The Netflix documentary chronicles Satnam Singh Bhamara’s awe-inspiring journey from rural India to New York city National, December 30, 2016: In a nation with 1.3 billion people, where cricket is a religion and cricketers are demigods, Satnam Singh Bhamara is an unsung hero whose inspiring story deserves to be told. Defying all odds en route his journey to international fame, Satnam carved his own glorious path from Ballo Ke, a farming village in rural India to becoming the first Indian to be drafted into the U.S.A’s National Basketball Association (NBA). To bring this awe-inspiring story alive on screen, OBB Pictures has partnered with Media Weaverand RGTV to produce One in a Billion, a feature-length documentary based on Satnam’s life.   Introduced to the sport at a very young age, Satnam Singh Bhamara is the only Indian-born player ever to be drafted to the NBA, making his inciting story worth being told to the world. From being an unknown entity in a farming village to becoming a global name to reckon with, Satnam has carved his own success.  In a cricket-obsessed nation, Satnam has given basketball a new meaning by triggering a newly ignited following for the sport that is here to stay and grow. In effect, Satnam represents an entire nation, and the true spirit of being one in a billion. The Netflix exclusive documentary chronicles his unprecedented journey to global recognition, and is directed by New York Emmy Winner Roman Gackowski, featuring some of the most noteworthy personalities of basketball including Adam Silver(NBACommissioner), Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks Owner), Vivek Ranadivé (Sacramento Kings Owner), and Tory Justice (Sr. Director, Basketball Operations-International). “We documented Satnam’s astounding journey over the past few years as he attempted to change the face of basketball in India forever. He’s not just an icon for his countrymen, but also an icon for the rest of the globe. ‘One in a Billion’ is extremely special for all of us, and we are very excited to share this phenomenal story with the world,” says Michael D. Ratner, CEO/President of OBB Pictures. He further said, “Satnam is playing an important role in both expanding the popularity of basketball in one of the world’s most rapidly emerging markets, and furthering the sport’s global appeal.” One in a Billion follows the journey of 7 foot 2 inches Satnam Singh Bhamara, from his home of Ballo Ke to New York City, as he created history. Building up to a climactic draft night after years of hard work, Satnam has created a strong bridge between India and basketball, a... read more

Handsome Hunks will compete for Mr Dubai title

For the past many years we have seen a competition, where men gets groomed and now there is a competition Mr. Dubai which is going to be held in January. We have seen that it is not easy for anyone to clinch the competition, as more than eighteen competitors from different countries are participating in this event. Mr Dubai 2016 is organised by Joe Hernandez, Dr Nina Khan and Avi Muller. The contest has three rounds, which is a Q & A session with the judges to test the contestants’ acumen and also has a Talent Round–which focuses on the models’ skills and thirdly a Fashion Show Round for candidates to perform and let their fashion talents speak for themselves. Dubai grew over the years as most of the events happening were catered to the ladies and None were made for men.  It was in this vein that the idea of Mr. Dubai came into existence. Joe Hernandez the Founder of Mr. Dubai said, ” Mr. Dubai, the event, was conceptualized, first and foremost as a platform to promote brotherhood among men coming from different backgrounds – social, economic, cultural and religious.” Dr Nina Khan the Organizer of Mr. Dubai said, ” The participants will come out to be better persons after the event by boosting their self confidence. Lastly, it is to give opportunity to the participants to realize their dream of fame, fortune and glory.” Avi Muller the Organizer of Mr Dubai said, “Mr Dubai is the small step in the evolution of Fashion brand and the first step in our global roll-out of networks around the world.” Over the years, the event has attracted several celebrities to sit in the panel of judges. International celebrities like Ms. Dalida Khalil, a popular singer and film actress from Lebanon flew in just to be in the panel, Mr. Calum Best, a British-American model, actor, TV personality and reality TV participant, and former beauty title holders Miss India, Miss Pakistan and Mr. Swiss were just some of the respected judges who have graced the event. The event is a 3-night show spread over a month. The first night is the Fashion Show where the participants are judged by their fashion sense. The second night is the Talent Show where the participants showcase their individual talents. The third night is the Finals when the winners are proclaimed after going through the Q&A portion with the... read more

Trafalgar- The global leader in guided holidays.

Trafalgar offers 250 itineraries, across 6 continents and 58 countries, more choice of destinations and trip styles than any guided vacation company in the world. The company mainly offers premium travelling experience to those Indians who are well-traveled and are seeking local life and flavours. In the space where a large percent of travel audience is moving online, Trafalgar in the guided travel space is optimistic and plans big investments in India. Factors such as word of mouth, insider experiences, 60% repeat clientele in India, superior services and the premium clientele that yet prefers the guides holidays is helping the company to establish themselves as leaders in travel guided space. To help Indian travel-lovers set their 2017 resolutions, Trafalgar has listed five goals where travelling will make it easier to achieve. With 17% savings available on 17 carefully-crafted guided holidays globally, there’s no reason not to make 2017 the year of your own personal journey.      Discover a new you in the New Year and embrace 17% savings across 17 different trips to kick-start your 2017 resolutions Travel temptations from Trafalgar on sale between December 29-January 7 22 December 2016 To help travel-lovers set their 2017 resolutions, Trafalgar has listed five goals where travelling will make it easier to achieve. With 17% savings available on 17 carefully-crafted guided holidays globally, there’s no reason not to make 2017 the year of your own personal journey. Make the next 12 months more meaningful and embrace the new you – book your holidays at    – promotion period from 29 Dec 2016 to 07 Jan 2017. Resolution number 1: discover new horizons Revitalise and re-energise with an unforgettable trip to incredible India. Discover your inner Maharani or Maharaja with a sumptuous stay at the former hunting lodge of Jodhpur’s Royal Family, dine with a local family in Jaipur and #JoinTrafalgar to hear about the work being done to help rehabilitate street children and how your visit is making a difference on Leisurely Rajasthan with Mumbai. Resolution number 2: enjoy more family time Find out why the Wild West is best as you and your family discover the frontier town of Jackson, the Gand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. Ride in an old wagon and enjoy the re-creation of a town in the Old West before staying in a homestead in Montana that dates back to 1898. Former home of Montana’s first female doctor, enjoy activities galore including horse riding, whitewater rafting and real-life horse wranglers Wild West Cowboys and Buffalos – End Rapid City or Wild West Cowboys and... read more

Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma  her latest Phoot Shoot pics of Different Costumes  in Mumbai For A Popular Brand. Her Coming Film ISHQ RE with Anshuman,  The film is brilliantly directed by Jems Anthony and is being produced by Bhupi Singh. This Film is at the final stage of completion. Srishti Sharma has given marvellous performance and out door songs are well picturised are bound to become highlight of the film.          ... read more

Tangerine’s cozy quilts and Winter Naps – The Perfect Rendezvous!

Mumbai, December 20, 2016: Winters are gradually crawling in, arousing our innate wish for a cozy siesta during any time of the day or night. While this rendezvous is utterly desirable, it is unimaginable without a warm, soft comforter! Tangerine, the designer brand in Home Décor Segment, this wintry weather, brings an array of squashy beddings and comforters to enable an absolutely satisfying tryst with your forty winks. Creating a soothing experience, Tangerine’s collection of super comfortable, cotton single and double comforters are perfect for a retreat at the end of the day. In this season of 2016, quilts and comforters from the gorgeous Tangerine collections of Aquacado and Scarlet Sunset are up and running. While Aquacado Collection primarily reintroduces us to the invigorating, serene nature just after the first spell of rains, it enlivens the soaked leaves, damp earth, cool breeze, chilled water droplets and the stimulating petrichor, through vivid prints and patterns on the soft furnishings. The Aquacado Array is youthful, energizing, artistic and certainly a treat for nature lovers. Stunning shades of Green, creamy succulent shades in Teal, Aqua, Lime and Avocado Green makes a dramatic range of bed linen drenched in a fresh, jolly mood. The White Lenin put up with willowy, green stripes and slight, floral designs makes for a perfect furnishing for calming our souls and wrapping up to snuggle in it.   The Scarlet Sunset collection is another assortment that is shinning high in glory. Redefining rich textures of Tangelo, Amber, Vermillion, Burnt Orange, SAE Amber, Mahogany, Buff Yellow and Fire Brick Red, the colors perfectly sync with gloomy days of the chilly season. Playful combinations of wavy and straight stripes, vivid maple and ash leaf prints, abundant floral patterns and outsized features of concentric circles in varying hues create an exemplary compilation of artistic, soft furnishings. Comforters from this chic collection replicate passion, yearn and a strong sense of royal persona. Infused with 100% Cotton on the outer of the fabric and microfiber filler with a protective med-shield layer, Tangerine comforters, bed linen, duvet covers, pillow and cushion covers are color stories inspired by nature and its beauty. Redefining the culture of tints and hues with contemporary prints, Tangerine is the new age brand with superlative quality and outstanding trends. The quilts and comforters collection has dual benefits. Each side of the coverlet is adorned in different print, pattern and colors so they can be reversed to create a whole new... read more

Bollywood Exclusive A Unique Videos on Youtube part 9

View Popular Latest Film First Day Reviews On Bollywood Exclusive Bollywood Exclusive is the Latest Youtube Channel giving its viewers a unique experience of Video viewing with their Exclusive Video contents, all the contents are definitely a unique videos  mostly never appeared on any other video platform. Watch this channel Bollywood Exclusive Videos regulary which we publishing for our viewers daily. Visit Us On Facebook Twitter And subscribe us at Our Youtube Channel... read more

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