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Sony Music Kids Launches Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya

#StayHomeAndLearn – A brilliant story podcasts for children and parents Having the kids at home during quarantine is fun and frantic in equal measures. We are stuck in the house with limited ways of keeping our little ones entertained, amused and soothed. Even though kids are in a vacation mood as schools and day cares are closed, Sony Music Kids have found a brilliant way to simultaneously keep kids occupied and educated through their jolly character Munna Chachu, who is here with his treasure box full of audio stories about wit and intelligence, called “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya”. Listen to these stories with your kids and introduce them to popular historical figures that every Indian child should get to know. Each story for children is lovingly written and performed with attention to the whimsical senses of humour children often possess. Kids will love these stories as they would get to meet unconventional heroes who use the power of their intelligence to overcome adversities. Not only are these stories philosophical but are also filled with humorous elements. There are 2 albums in the series. The first album is “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya ( Akbar Aur Birbal )”. It is a collection of stories about the iconic Akbar and Birbal, where our intelligent and witty hero Birbal always manages to come up with clever solutions to outsmart the challenges Emperor Akbar throws at him. The second album in the series “Munna Chachu – Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya (Mulla Nasiruddin)” is a collection of stories where the clever Mulla Nasiruddin proves time & time again that the pen is mightier than the sword. With his wit, intelligence and knowledge, the charming Mulla Nasiruddin provide effective solutions to all problems. In these stories, he unfolds his philosophies on life and his commentaries are lessons on various aspects of life. Stories with a heart, designed to encourage discussion, that are perfect for parents and teachers. These audio series are available on YouTube, Google Play Music, Wynk Music, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music, Apple Music, Hungama Music, as well as Jio Saavn. Playlists Links: Munna Chachu Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya – Mulla Nasiruddin – Munna Chachu Chaturayi Ki Kahaniya – Akbar Birbal... read more

KriArj Entertainment Clarifies Against Erroneous Reportage Reaches An Amicable Solution With Gothic Entertainment

“We are in the process of filing a petition against a specific print media publication in the appropriate court of law to seek an injunction against them for misleading & printing a false media report in their publication” – KriArj Entertainment KriArj issued a long statement expressing their disappointment over recent reporting pertaining to the dispute with Gothic Entertainment. From the time they came into being, KriArj had enjoyed a cordial relationship with the media. Producer Prernaa Arora’s spate of legal troubles, though, has perhaps taken a strain on this relationship. While the matter is sub-judice, KriArj Entertainment is pained at recent inaccurate, fabricated reports in some publications that are causing great stress to the company. “We are conscious of freedom of speech and expression under the constitution of India but Article 19 of the constitution itself speaks of reasonable restriction of such freedom. If any article crosses or makes a deliberate deceptive reporting, it is well within the constitutional framework to seek an injunction against the particular medium, further rightfully restricting its reporting to the true and correct outcome of judicial proceedings,” Rishabh Saraf said. The creative soul Prernaa Arora, a passionate individual who never could think beyond her creativity and not participate as a ‘Business Woman’, a Director or a shareholder at KriArj, however, took all work done under KriArj Entertainment extremely professionally and seriously. An official representative for Prernaa Arora informed us that she is contemplating seeking an injunction order against the wrong, half-baked articles and for misguided reporting pertaining to the legal cases the company is mired in. The civil case is in relation with the investment by Gothic Entertainment to the tune of Rs. 29.25 cr during 2016-17 and 2017-18. KriArj reiterated its stance of no wrongdoing in the matter pertaining to Gothic Entertainment. KriArj Entertainment Pvt Ltd has undisputedly paid a total of Rs. 40.88 Cr at a staggering 60% p.a., which amounted to well over and above the principal investment. This was done only to honour the agreement between the parties. Gothic Entertainment is just a mere investor who had on interest basis given financial loan to M/s KriArj Entertainment Pvt Ltd. “Every penny of the principal amount [of Gothic Entertainment] has been repaid plus a surplus payment of interest amounting to Rs. 11.63 crore, at a staggering interest of 60% p.a. In addition to this, with a view to end the dispute between the parties, both KriArj and Gothic have entered... read more

Mrs India Maharashtra I am Powerful 2020 Beauty Pageant Conducted In Mumbai

From contestants confident walk on-ramp to showcasing Indian and Western outfits. This was the amazing scene of “Mrs India Maharashtra I am powerful 2020” and “Mrs India Maharashtra Curvy Pageant 2020” grand finale. The beauty pageant was organised by ‘Fairy Angel Events’ in association with ‘Aster Fine Arty Education’ in Mumbai at Prabhodhankar Thackrey Auditorium Borivali, on Friday evening 6th March 2020. The Show was inaugurated by the State Director of Mrs India I am Powerful Maharashtra and Founder & Director of Fairy Angel Events Mrs Alveera Pinto Fernandes. Mrs Alveera is the winner of ‘Mrs India Curvy Earth 2019’, ‘Mrs India Curvy – Best Rampwalk 2019’ subtitle winner and ‘Mrs Global India 2016’ runner up. She has won the ‘Indian Woman Achievers Award 2019’. The Jury present were Mrs Jazpreet (Founder & Director of Aster Fine Arty Education & Director of Mrs India I am Powerful), Mrs Urooj Khan (Mrs Asia Pacific 2018), Mrs Anita P(Mrs Asia Pacific Ambassador), Mrs Anandmayee Ghosh(Mrs India I am Powerful-Tourism Global 2018) and Mrs Sukhwinder Kaur (Mrs India I am powerful-Global Universe 2nd runner up 2019). Special Guest Mr. Rajkumar Tiwari and Gautam Faldu were present for the event. The contestants worked hard past few weeks from working on their ramp walk, poses, fitness and health. After 3 rounds of ramp walk and question-answer session, the jury had a tough decision to decide among the contestants for the crown. Mrs Kamna Dsouza was crowned as Winner “Mrs India Maharashtra I am Powerful 2020”, Mrs Shraddha Mainkar was 1st runner up, Mrs Divya Rao was 2nd runner up and Mrs Priyanka Boria was 3rd runner up. Mrs Sunita Raikwar was crowned the winner for “Mrs India Maharashtra Curvy 2020” and Mrs Lorraine was the runner up for “Mrs India Maharashtra Curvy 2020”.        State Director Mrs Alveera Pinto Fernandes thanked grooming venue partner and performance partner(Bombay Institute for Performing Arts), photographer (Suresh), choreographer (Mithali Shetty), Gift Partner (Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty Salon JB Nagar and Divine Nutrition) make-up artist (Preeti Ashiwal), Media partner (Bollywood Adda and Mumbai Global), Music partner(Kaivalya Arekar Music), Fitness Partner(Discover Dance with Philip Manuel), Yoga Partner(Yog shakti), Technology partner (Approwess), Talent partner (Voicebox productions) and Sadhana Giri. Special thanks to the team of Fairy angel events (Charnel Fernandes, Saagar Jadhav, Virendra Sharma, Shishir Mujumdar, Clotie Pinto and Karuna... read more

Sandy Joil Present MR MISS & MRS UNIVERSE 2020 Successful Pune Auditions

Sandy Joil Present MR MISS & MRS UNIVERSE 2020  Successful Pune Auditions, after The Successful Mumbai Auditions  which was held in  Mumbai, Pune was  the Fourth Audition City were many contestants participated and gave their best performance in front of Jury. All The Jury members had a tough time to select the contestants from Pune which will represent Pune For A Grand Finale To be Held In Goa on 13 May 2020. This Pageant is initiative to give a proper platform in the field of Modelling &  Acting to  all the selected contestants For their bright future. Before 10th Of April 2020 auditions for Great Pageant Mr. Miss & Mrs. Universe 2020 will be completed all over India covering major cities.             At this occasion we had jury panel as founder of Mr Miss & Mrs Universe – SANDY JOIL Nutan Vaichal Director Dreams events and productions Snehal Oswal show director and choreographer Neetu jha PR consultant And Snehal Bangar Associate Partner Photography Partner – Rasha Ranpise Spl thanks to our venue Partner Mr Mandeep Khurana Owner of   “The Backyard kitchen & ... read more


Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, President of Punjabi Global Foundation celebrated her mother’s birthday amidst family and friends. Gurpreet Kaur Chadha & B’day girl in Dhara Goenka Label Outfits.  A significant chunk of the television industry and some names from the film arena were seen at the birthday celebration including Tanushree Dutta, Navraj Hans,  Jasbir Jassi, Shanthipriya, Nikki dass, Lizaa Malik, Ananya Chadha, Gananay Chadha, Sahila Chadha, Jazim Sharma, Basannt Rasiwasia, Elena Tuteja.   Mrs.Inderjit Kaur said “I am so happy to have my family and friends with me today. They have made my day so much more special with their presence. Thank you so much for the... read more

Holi Song of VR Music making a splash on social media directed by journalist Rock Star Akhilesh Singh

Mumbai: Looking at the pictures of Holi Song, you will be forced to say, wow, what is it, the pictures of Holi Song are making a splash on social media, Yes, the upcoming Holi Song of VR Music was filmed at Mangalam Rice Mill in Palghar District, Saphale adjacent to Mumbai, whose pictures and videos are becoming increasingly viral on social media.  , This hook line is very much liked by the people, this song has been presented by VR Music, producer and singer is Sony Yadav, and music has been given by Rahul Bhatt, DOP Hai Ranjan Yadav, Lead Row  Eye will face Yadav, Amir Khan, and Raj Baghel, fairy Chandhok, Babita Mishra, Vibhuti Jain, Sonia Maheshwari, and all artists. Let me tell you that this music video has been directed by journalist Rock Star Akhilesh Singh, Akhilesh Singh’s new Holi Song which is becoming increasingly viral in social media.  He is spreading his fire, before that he has directed music videos without you, which has seen 10 million people so far, Akhilesh Singh is the first to direct his direction .          He has been a human, is constantly spreading his skills, for the second time the entire team without you, is coming once again with Holi Song, you will be able to see this Holi Song on VR Music, it has given music by Rahul  Bhatt has given the music of Rahul Bhat, Muzaffar Nagar, Section 370, before this, Rahul Bhatt said that this Holi Song is completely different and different, we sincerely hope that this song will like Lo Go Pahut,  Give  Sector Videos. Follow Us on Facebook... read more

Mohammad Javed’s Film Journey On The Big Screen Begins With New Film ALLAHABAD

कुंडा के लाल ने, बालीवुड में मचाया धमाल बड़े पर्दे पर “इलाहाबाद” से शुरू हुआ  मो० जावेद का फिल्मी सफर दो दर्जन हिट म्यूजिक वीडियो, आधादर्जन शॉर्ट फिल्मों के निर्माता मो० जावेद अब सिल्वर स्क्रीन पर एक बड़े बजट की धमाकेदार फिल्म के साथ पदार्पण करने जा रहे हैं। जावेद के होम प्रोडक्शन  ‘रेड आईज पिक्चर्स’ के बैनर तले बनने वाली उस एक्शन थ्रिलर फिल्म का शीर्षक होगा — “इलाहाबाद”। यह चलचित्र उत्तर प्रदेश के एक बाहुबली नेता के राजनीतिक जीवन पर आधारित होगी। लेकिन, इसमें उनके व्यक्तिगत जीवन के कुछ ऐसे अनछुए पहलुओं को भी उजागर किया जायेगा, जिनसे आम आदमी अब तक अनजान है। बाहुबली नेता का चर्चित छवि के इतर भी एक रूप है, जिसमें वह आम धारणा के बिल्कुल विपरीत और बेहद संवेदनशील इंसान नज़र आते हैं। बाहुबली ही सही, मगर, एक जनप्रिय नेता के रूप में दशकों से उनका जो दबदबा कायम रहा है, उसकी तह में जाकर हक़ीक़त से रू-ब-रू करायेगी जावेद की पहली फीचर फिल्म “इलाहाबाद”। ग्राम  मौलि कुंडा प्रतापगढ़ जनपद (उत्तर प्रदेश) के मूल निवासी मो० जावेद एक गरीब परिवार से थे लेकिन बचपन से ही उनके सपने बडे थे । बचपन से ही फिल्मोद्योग में अपना सिक्का ज़माने का सपना देखते थे। किशोरावस्था में ही अचानक घर छोड़ने का निर्णय लिया और चले गए मायानगरी मुंबई। लेकिन, यहां आकर कोई जल्दबाजी नहीं दिखाई। बस, पहले व्यवसाय के क्षेत्र में भाग्य आजमाने का मन बनाया। रेडीमेड गारमेंट्स बिजनेस में लग गए। कमाया भी, गंवाया भी। जब बिजनेस की बारीकियों से भलीभांति वाकिफ हो गए तब अपना असली उद्देश्य याद आया — मिशन बॉलीवुड। परन्तु, जावेद मियां को अब भी कोई बेचैनी नहीं थी। वह एक एक सीढ़ी चढ़कर ही अपनी मंज़िल तक पहुंचना चाहते थे। इसलिए श्रीगणेश म्यूजिक वीडियो से किया। एक दो तीन चार करते हुए संख्या चौबीस के पार हो गई। यश वडाली को “बुल्लाह” के साथ उभरते सिंगर के रूप में इंट्रोड्यूस करने वाले जावेद खुद भी इसी म्यूजिक वीडियो से प्रोड्यूसर के रूप में चर्चा में आ गए। फिर तो “इश्क़वाली बारिश”, “माय लव”, “पार्टी फुल नाईट”, “एक पैग”, “विकेड आईलाइनर” तथा “वी आई पी सुपरस्टार” सरीखे हिट अलबमों की लाईन लग गई। “विकेड आईलाइनर” को तो निर्देशित भी कर डाला। पर, उद्देश्य एक बड़ा और सफल निर्माता बनना है। अभी हाल में ही जावेद ने एक वेब सिरीज ब्रेन गेम भी प्रोड्यूज की है जो शीघ्र ही डॉन सिनेमा से रिलीज होने वाली है । यश वडाली, अल्ताफ सैय्यद, अंजली अखौरी व अन्य उभरते गायक गायिकाओं... read more

The web series Anarchy – M for Mom – Live Together – Wabasta – Socha – Vihaan and the short film – Infection have been released on the OTT platform Rapachi App

New World of Entertainment Rapachi App The web series Anarchy – M for Mom – Live Together- Wabasta – Socha – Vihaan and the short film – Infection’ have been released on the OTT platform Rapachi App. Recently, Dharam Gupta, director of Rappachi app at Ramada Palmgrove Hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, released the above web series in the presence of many Bollywood celebrities. Dharam Gupta says that Rapchi made a splash as soon as he stepped into the OTT world. Today our app is presenting many types of content to its audience. Which can be seen sitting with the whole family. There were 15 shows on this app when we started the app. As its time progresses, the demand for app content is also increasing. My app is not weak or superficial with the frills of very big names, here is the content king. I have worked in this line for the longest time and I am seeing a change from television to OTT app. This platform is the future of entertainment. This app is also made for production houses and people who have great scripts and shows. And I am giving such people a chance to reach their content through this app. Now television is not only a platform for entertainment, but the OTT platform has gained momentum in the web world. Many OTT apps are attracting their attention with affordable monthly subscription plans. Currently, the service of Rappachi app can be obtained free of charge for one year.    मनोरंजन की नई दुनिया रापची एप्प ओटीटी प्लेटफॉर्म रापची एप पर वेब सीरीज ‘अराजक, एम फ़ॉर मॉम, लिव टूगेदर, वाबस्ता, सोच, विहान और शॉर्ट फिल्म ‘इंफेक्शन’ को रिलीज कर दिया गया है। हाल ही में मुम्बई के जुहू स्थित रामदा पामग्रोव होटल में रापची एप के संचालक धरम गुप्ता ने बॉलीवुड के कई हस्तियों की उपस्थिति में उपरोक्त वेब सीरीज को रिलीज किया। धरम गुप्ता का कहना है कि रापची ने ओटीटी दुनिया मे कदम रखते ही धूम मचा दी है। आज हमारी एप्प कई तरह के कंटेंट अपने दर्शकों को पेश कर रहा है। जिसे पूरी फैमिली के साथ बैठकर देखा जा सकता है। जब हमने एप्प शुरू की थी उस समय इस एप्प पर 15 शो थे। जैसे जैसे इसका समय बढ़ता जा रहा है वैसे वैसे एप्प कंटेट की डिमांड भी बढ़ती जा रही है। मेरा ऐप बहुत बड़े नामों के तामझाम के साथ कमजोर या सतही नहीं है, यहां कंटेंट किंग है। मैंने इस... read more

SOCH EK FULL STOP.. Actor Krishna Kaurav And Others Produced by Tofail Khan

Waterdrop Entertainment Presents “SOCH ek full stop…..”, A series by TK Films & Entertainment, Produced by Tofail Khan It stars Anamika Singh, Prateek Dixit, Krishna Kaurav& Neeti Sharma, Ankita Khare, Riya Singh & in a very important character. “SOCH ek full stop…..” will be coming on  Rapchee Originals which got launched on 20th February 2020              “SOCH ek full stop…..”, it is a story of a girl who thinks that love and sex are two different things, she married a boy who is older in age, but from lower cast and poor by money from her. But she couldn’t change her fate, a incident changes her life completely, her husband leaves her for whom she had revolted to get married. But she doesn’t lose her hope and finally… “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” तोफैल खान निर्मित, कृष्णा कौरव व अन्य द्वारा अभिनीत एक लव स्टोरी है। वाटरड्रॉप एंटरटेनमेंट की प्रस्तुति “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” , एक वेब सीरीज टी के फिल्म्स एंड एंटरटेनमेंट द्वारा, निर्माता तोफैल खान, निर्देशक विवेक चौवण, सह-निर्माण हिमान्शु डी ढोलकिया, कास्टिंग डायरेक्टर सोनू सिंह राजपूत। इसके लेखक इला वर्मा व जागृत वसवाड़ा एवं कैमरा अजेय पाल सिंह हैं। “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” के कलाकारों में अनामिका सिंह (दिया और बाती की दीपिका सिंह की बहन), प्रतीक दीक्षित, नीती शर्मा, अंकिता खरे, रिया सिंह व एक खास भूमिका में कृष्णा कौरव हैं। “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” इसका OTT प्लेटफार्म Rapchee है, जिसे २० फरवरी २०२० को निर्देशक धर्म गुप्ता ने लांच किया है। “सोच एक फुल स्टॉप—-” , ये कहानी है एक लड़की की सोच जो सेक्स और प्यार में फर्क करती है। वह अपने से छोटी जात और गरीब लड़के से शादी करती है, जो उम्र में उससे बड़ा है। परन्तु उसके जीवन की एक घटना, उसकी जिंदगी बदल देती है। जिस पती के लिए वह सबसे लड़ती है, वही उसे छोड़ देता है। फिर भी वो हिम्मत नहीं हारती और अपनी सोच दुनिया के सामने रखती... read more

R-Vision Pvt Ltd Launches Their Latest Music Video Munde Bad Ne Saare

Music album ‘Munde Bad Ne Saare’ was released by Managing Director of R-Vision India Pvt. Ltd Mr. Ravindra Singh at preview theatre in Sahara Star hotel. The music video features versatile female singer Anaya Brahma and guest appearance by Tiktok influencer and a trend setter Eshaan Masih, music composed by Mr. Praveen Heera, directed and choreographed by Mr. Chinni Chetan. This item song has already received over whelming seven lakh views on YouTube. Mr. Ravindra Singh had made his appreciation very clear by heaping on the praise for Anaya Brahma and Eshaan Masih and the entire team of this musical peppy number. On this occasion Anaya quoted her heart out that she had butterflies leaping her around when producer Mr. Singh and music composer Mr. Praveen Heera showed confidence in her singing skills thereby grabbing the opportunity to sing Punjabi song for the first time with great success. Eshaan had reiterated how he was reached by R Vision team to invite him to participate in this music video. He quoted” I came out of movie theatre and suddenly I get call from the team asking me to come directly to the set. I was pretty surprised but my lady luck Preeti wanted to follow her sixth sense and I abided by her gut feeling. We were confident we will do the best for what we would be offered. When we reached there we got the download of what we had to do and I was nervous but our producer Mr. Singh said that he has full faith and confidence in me as he believes in giving opportunity to aspiring and upcoming artists. Also our choreographer Mr. Chetan who was so humble was very supportive and made me feel comfortable and we gelled beautifully”. This peppy item song will definitely become even more spectacular and mesmerising with the audience’s trust and love. With this Mr. Singh also announced to feature the couple in his new music video as a token of appreciation.   Anaya hails from Guwahati and has sung songs in various languages across India. This Assamese beauty debuted with her Bollywood playback with song Char Din ki Chandni and was also nominated in Artist Aloud music award for hindi single. Our hearthrob Eshaan Masih and his talented dusky beauty Preeti Chawla hail from beautiful city of Chandigarh. This multi talented couple have captured many hearts by their thrilling performances from more than five hundred shows, especially by their... read more

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