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Swarda Thigale Popular TV Actress Her Candid Interview

My Mom and Dad were my guide to to become actor! candid conversation with tv star ‘Swarda Thigale’ Swarda Thigale is an Indian Television actress who made her acting debut in 2013 with the Marathi movie, Thoda Tuza, Thoda Maza. She did her schooling and college from Pune. Being a Salsa and Kathak dancer, she participated in several dance functions in her school and college. The beautiful actress has also starred in Marathi television series, Majhe Mann Tujhe Zhale on ETV Marathi. She played Ramabai Ambedkar in the drama ‘Vadal Hya Krantiche’ She has also appeared in several ads including Sprite. She is currently playing the lead role in the Hindi drama series, Savitri Devi College and Hospital on Colors TV.    Here is the inteaction of Swarda Thigale Q-What’s your role like in Savitri Devi college and hospital? Is it close to who you are in real life?? Ans-In savitridevi college and hospital show I’m playing a doctor’s role as Dr. Sanchi. Its not close to my real self because i am much more sorted with my thoughts, my ideals and my appearance in real life. Q-Where would we see Swarda in five years from now? Ans-You would see Swarda in bollywood, playing different challenging characters Q-Anything you want to say to your fans? Ans-Keep supporting me just the way you have till now and I would keep entertaining you guys with surprising performances and different characters in shows, movies, plays, etc. Q-What is it like to work on a TV set and having to shoot everyday? Does it get stressful?  If yes,  how do you cope up with stress? Ans-It is very stressful and when i get an off for a day or two i relax with my family and regain my energy, I meditate, watch light hearted films and dance which I think is the best stress buster. Q -At what age did you know you wanted to be an actor? Ans-My dad and my mom noticed the qualities in me that are required to be a performer and actor, and faithfully kept following the path that they chose for me and at the end it became my dream and they kept encouraging and supporting me to follow my dream and that’s why I’m here. I’m honestly very grateful to... read more

Producer Bachhu Singh and Director Netar Singh (Mintoo) of KYUN LAGTE APNE HAI Exclusive Chaat

PRODUCER BACHHU SINGHA : ” We Got The Best Support From Every One ” How did you get inspired to enter the film industry ? I was knowing music director Kalyan Barhan since the past ten years. One day, I told him that I want to produce a feature film and he took me to director Netar Singh (Mintoo) who I liked instantly  due to his endearing personality. He convinced me to make a musical love story. As Kalyan Bardhan is an excellent music composer, I thought of making this film which is now complete. It is titled KYUN LAGTE APNE HAI. Will you continue making more films ? I have come to know the film industry now very well and I am very happy that I met the right people. I will continue to make more films as I am of this knowledge that if I am within the budget and also know the business aspects, then there will be no problems at all. How was the experience while you were shooting the film KYUN LAGTE APNE HAI ? We took the local talents like Neeraj Rana and Nitesh from Himachal and heroine Sheetal came from Mumbai. Then we also took Mr.Himachal Harish, known as Harry who plays a major role in the film too. Vaishali, the Miss Himachal runner up was also cast in a major role. For the elderly characters, we had Amar Dogra and Ravneet Kaur,then Sunil Thakur and Survir Singh,Shadab Khan,Jyoti were also added to the cast.  We had scouted the best locales for the film. I liked the Tibetian Temple location as the monastery is very huge and has a magical effect. We filmed one song inside the temple and even outside on the lead pair Neeraj Rana and Sheetal. One song which introduces heroine Sheetal in the film has been partly filmed in the sangam of the three rivers. We got tremendous local support from the  MLA, the SDM and many wellknown people from Himachal. The shooting went very smooth throughout till the very last day. We have also shot the film partly in  Mumbai at Madh Island and Uttan locales, a far off place from Bhayender, Thane . Who else has contributed heavily to the film KYUN LAGTE APNE HAI ? Our writers Vinod Mahant,Sanjay Kore, our DoP Tapas Munsi, dance master Sunil Thakur and singers Udit Narayan, Binti Sharma, Shahid Ali, Ishita Ghosh,Priyanka, lyricists Shivam,Tarun Bisht etc. all have done... read more

Interview of Mahesh Sharma, Vishnu Sharma and writer-director Raama Mehra of Keep safe Distance.

I Am Treating Film Business As Pure Business – Mahesh Sharma. Mahesh Sharma and Vishnu Sharma, the two brothers from Kota have produced their maiden venture KEEP SAFE DISTANCE, written-directed by Raama Mehra. All the three main pillars of the film are hugely excited as their film is on the verge of completion and being readied for an early release. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA spoke to all the three . Excerpts How did you enter the film industry ? MAHESH SHARMA::” I am in the film industry due to the inspiratiopn given to me from my younger brother Vishnu Sharma who has already seen the ins and outs of the film undustry since five years. He was shooting for a serial and on the set was Raama Mehra who was also acting in the serial. Their meeting clicked and Raama Mehra had one interesting story which Vishnu told me and we both decided to make the film KEEP SAFE DISTANCE. Actually, I am in construction business and the flow of money as easy for me to invest in a film. I am happy that the efforts of all the three of us has borne fruits and I will continue to make more films in the future too. Also, Sagar Joshi and Laxman Singh Rajput who are in my production team are working very hard and helping the film’s progress with great cooperation with all the actors, technicians,unit hands etc. who are going out of their way to make KEEP SAFE DISTANCE a very entertaining film for all ages.” VISHNU SHARMA” Film Industry Is a Very Good Industry For Creative People” What attracted you to the film industry ? Vishnu Sharma:” I was inclined to the film industry from childhood. I used to watch films in cinema halls. I used to act in the school plays, then college plays and also theatre. I also acted in the RAM LEELA plays in my hometyown in Kota for several years.One day,  popular actors Mukesh Khanna and Ramesh Goel had come to Kota for judging the audition test of several new actors from Kopta and I was selected. I came to Mumbai and got roles in mega serials like  MAHARANA PRATAP,ASHOK SAMRAT. During one of the shooting stints, I met Raama Mehra and the rest is history.” RAAMA MEHRA : “Film Industry Also Belongs To Single Producers like Mahesh Sharma and Vishnu Sharma” Having served the film industry in several capacities as... read more

 The First Look Of GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA Will Be Seen By One Lakh People – VIKRAM SINGH GURJAR

From acting in itsy-bitsy roles in tele-serials like Diya Aur Baati,Sasural Simar Ka,Saathiya Saath Nibhaana,Pavitra Rishta,Pavitra Bandhan,Saavdhaan India, Crime Patrol,CID,Doli Armanon Ki and lots of others, Vikram Singh Gurjar thought of turning a producer and he dared to make a film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA which is all set for release on June 9th all over. Ayyer Mohan of COMPLETE CINEMA spoke to the daring actor-producer Vikram Singh Gurjar on 17th May at Q Labs wjhere he was involved in the last stages of the post-production work of the film. Excerpts. How did you get inspired to turn a producer and also how you managed to make your own team of mostly new actors and  technicians ? I hail from Indore and I am also the President of Dev Narayan Temple, Indore. The subject of the film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA surrounded around a temple priest and also the Temple Bell which gets stolen twice which interested me a lot. There were many other subjects in my mind but I was stuck to this one which was brought to me by the director Nirbhay Singh Chaudhary. He also had his own team ready with actors and technicians. I took immediate decision to make this film and since I hail from Indore, I chose the locales for the film from Indore itself as I am very familiar to the place and I could get the locales to shoot the film very easily. I wanted hassle free shooting from Day 1 and luckily everybody cooperated with me to their fullest.I am very thrilled to see the first digital print of the film which has come out after a two-month post-production work which has been handled brilliantly by Shashikant Mena. How are you planning to release the film GHANTA CHORI HO GAYA ? I am in talking stages with few well known distributers and I want to release the film in at least 200 cinemas all over India.I am going to Indore for a week’s time and will be inviting several wellknown people from Indore to attend the First Look of the film on 20th May at Aasind,Bhilwara district during the Gurjar Samaj Maha Aadiveshan where over a lakh of people will be attending. Sachin Pilot will be the chief guest during this very big event.Then I will show the film to the media people in Mumbai also during the last week May in Mumbai. I am not overspending in the publicity as I... read more

” Konkani Language Is One Of The Best Languages Of India”- P. CHANDRAKANTH

Chandrakanth has made a feature film in Konkani language which is titled ME N MY BABY which is based on the theme of women empowerment and Save The Girl Child Theory. Mohan Ayyer had a brief chat with him. Excerpts. What inspired you to make the film ME N MY BABY ? The sole Inspiration to make this film “Me N My Baby” is Mr.Mahesh Savani, Head of PP Savani Group (Diamond Merchant), who has adopted 472 girls throughout the State of Gujarat and monetarily helped these fatherless girls to get married. When everyone was criticizing the entire state governments on social media that they have rewarded every Olympic Player(2016) in lakhs of rupees but no one came forward to help the families of Uri Martyred Army Personnel’s, only one person came ahead and met the whole families of Uri attack jawans personally, helped them monetarily and took the responsibilities of their children education is Mahesh Savani (PP Savani Group). He is like my big brother and I would like to thank him for his strong support throughout the tenure of this entire project. Apart from it I would like to thank my brothers P.Prashanth and P.Srikanth who really supported me at each and every step for making this project a reality, and they seriously considered the research that i have done on the declining sex ratio in Goa and as well as throughout India. My best wishes for these three persons who really inspired me to make this feature film.     What were the experiences you encountered while making the film ME N MY BABY ? The experiences were really in a differentiating manner. If i would take the shooting part of the film, would like to thank Damodar G.Naik (Ex- Vice chairman, Entertainment Society of Goa), Sanjeev Dalvi (Director, Health Services, Government of Goa) and the staff of Entertainment Society of Goa alongwith Government of Goa for providing me their total support for the noble cause. I enjoyed a lot throughout the shoot along with my crew and Goa being a favorite destination for the film shoot. Being a Goan ,i got the chance to shoot at some beautiful locations which have not been explored so far. If i would take the sponsorship part of this film, unfortunately which is the saddest part of this entire project. My own banks(with whom I bank with, and has given lot of business) are nationalized banks has shown least interest in the subject and were really concerned about... read more

Purple Pebble Pictures all set to release “VENTILATOR” on 4th of November.

Purple Pebble Pictures all set to release “VENTILATOR” on 4th of November. Many big names of industry are associated with this film….One of those is Beautiful Actress turned producer KunickaaSadanand. Here are excerpts from the conversation… Priyanka Chopra’s 1st Marathi Production “VENTILATOR” is releasing… Many big names of industry are associated with the film and One of those is you… you are associate producer for the film… & now the film is releasing… How is the feeling? –          The journey was full of learning’s. I met many talented and wonderful people in this journey. Great experience working with Rajesh Sir, Director of the film. It was a tough task shooting in the hospital with a huge cast. But all went well & now we are at the last stage of it. It just feels amazing. We have seen Priyanka as an Actress & now she is entering Marathi Film Industry as a Producer : What you think is better Priyanka Chopra as an actress or Priyanka Chopra as a producer? – I don’t think there should be any either or… If you are part of Film industry…it’s very important to know the craft completely. I think Priyanka will be a great producer because she is an actress. She knows one side of it & now she is learning the other side. I feel every actor should learn this aspect.   Is purple pebble pictures planning to do another Marathi Movie? – Off course. I am sure, Purple Pebble Pictures… especially Priyanka has this ambition to make films in regional languages & let people see the culture of different Regions in India. If a good script in Marathi comes across…will definitely do a Marathi film too. Now we are doing Punjabi, we have done Bhojpuri, even the Marathi Film “VENTILATOR”which is releasing now. And we are looking at other scripts…if something worth it…Purple Pebble Pictures will surely make it. It just has to be something different just like VENTILATOR. We loved you as an Actress…can we expect you again on Screen? Or now you only will work behind the camera? – Yes definitely, I would love to act again. At this moment I only can do Cameos as I am occupied with other two projects. Ventilator is releasing… we have to complete our Punjabi Film & even we are working on one more project. So, between all this if I could manage… would love to do something interesting which will match my caliber.... read more

TANVEER ZAIDI ”ISHQ SAMUNDAR Is A Different Family Social’

Tanver Zaidi is a promising actor with a different kind of an image . He has been busy shooting as a model, TV actor, Film actor, Reality Shows and even Theatre for almost two decades. He wants to be known as an intense actor who can deliver whatever his director wants him to do. He has played the male lead in the forthcoming new film ISHQ SAMUNDAR which is being premiered on 9th September in Allahabad, He had a brief chat with Ayyer Mohan. You have been an actor from childhood. Comments. Yes. I have appeared in the play ADRAK KE PANJE which had a world record of running for more than 20 years.I have also acted in many more films earlier viz.GUARDIANS which had released two years ago.Then I played the male lead in Bhojpuri super hit film KAHE GAYE PARDES PIYA. In this film I played a cop whose name was Ansh. In the true sense of Indian culture and family traditions, this film was well reeived in Bihar and UP where crores of people have watched this film. I have also taken part in music videos such as AMMANEH and SHARMILI NAZAR.Then I have acted in one more film BELAGAAM in a negative role and got lots of critical acclaim . Even the audiences loved me in tbis role which was very intense and satisfied me very much as there were lots of shades in the character.     You even won an award for your performance in YE JEEVAN HAI . Comments. This was another gripping film with a social message. I won the Best Actor Award from the RK International Awards in Mumbai and I played the hero in this film. All my costars Divyaa,Anjali Rana,Nabonita,Ehsan Khan,Ali Asgar and Pappu Polister.The film was based on fashion industry and HIV patient.Alongside, I was also honoured by Reliance Awards for a Reality Show ‘Mele Ka Big Star. I have also taken part in many shows for Reliance Big Magic. Then I acted in the comedy series  JAI MEIN HAIN ZINDAGI with my friend actors Pappu Polister and Deepraj Rana.  Ali Asgar who comes in Comedy Shows with Kapil Sharma acted in this comedy show. The shooting was really fun and a new experience for me and the show was a huge success on National TV. What is your role in ISHQ SAMUNDAR ? I am playing the role of a very talented music coach who adores his wife... read more

Classical Dancer & Tv Star Samiksha Bhatnagar’s first film as a lead role ‘Love Ke Funday’

Today most of the actresses in the film industry are more than ready to dare and bare their skin in films and what’s more they also end up as successful and sought after stars but unable to last forever. But there are several actresses who have come to the industry and also left an indelible niche for themselves, especially classical dancers like Madhubala, Waheeda Rehman, Vyjayanthimala, Hema Malini, Rekha, Sridevi , Madhuri Dixit, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan etc . Samiksha Bhatnagar, who hails from Dehradun is one such actress who is making her debut as lead role with FRV Big Business Entertainment Private Limited’s romcom Love Ke Funday, produced by Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta and written and directed by Indervesh Yogee. Samiksha has done her PhD in Kathak from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad (U.P) and has acted in TV serials like Veera, Ados Pados, Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re etc besides doing a cameo role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s film Calendar Girls. Love Ke Funday is her first film in a lead role. There are four main heroines in the film which slated for release on July 15, 2016. We spoke to Samiksha Bhatnagar at the office of the producer Faaiz Anwar in Andheri:- Excerpts from the conversation: What did you do before getting into films? Is anyone else in your family connected with the film industry in any manner? No one from my family is part of film. I did my B.A in English and then did my PhD in Kathak .I ran dance classes in Delhi and also choreographed programmes in schools. Since my mother Kusum Bhatnagar is also a classical dancer, it was her ardent desire that I too be one, though it was my desire to join films. After I did a lot of ads in Delhi as a model, I headed for Mumbai to take up a career in films as n actress and did TV serials like Veer, Ados Pados and Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re, besides a cameo role in Madhur Bhadarkar’s film Calendar Girls. Now I am playing one of the main female leads in Love Ke Funday which is my debut film in a full-fledged lead role. What is your role in Love Ke Funday? I play a glamorous girl called Jassi who is married and working in a company. She is modern as far as her thinking is concerned and is practical and does not stray at all from marriage. Did the film also... read more

“Those who are in demand today were also new comers at one time.”- Prem Prakash Gupta

Prem Prakash Gupta, who had produced the film Super Model as well as the Punjabi film Munde Kamaal De has now joined hands with lyricist Faaiz Anwar and made a romantic comedy called Love Ke Funday which is slated for release in July. Indervesh Yogee has written and directed the film. Prem Prakash Gupta is a successful business man in Bangalore who deals with steel and his company is known as Triveni Enterprises. The film has been made with four talented actors and actresses playing the lead. Excerpts from the conversation: How did you enter the field of films? I came into this field thanks to my friend like Faaiz Anwar. Earlier I had also made a video called Vodka Shot. Then I made the film Super Model which was okay at the box office and Munde Kamal De which was a super duper hit. Now I have made a film called Love Ke Funday which is slated for release next month.   Why did you cast all four newcomers in your film instead of opting for a big star cast? Established actors trouble you while new comers are ready to work with you at your convenience and are at your disposal. In any case it was the demand of the subject that made us choose new comers for the film. If we do not give break to new faces, who will? Newcomers come with a, lot of hopes from all over the country. Those who are in demand today were also new comers at one time. If somebody had not given them a break, they would not have been able to reach greater heights now. If a film is good, it will run, whether it boasts new faces or mega stars.   Did you enter the field to enjoy yourself or create additional revenue model for your business? There are many ways to enjoy. I have come here to treat film making as a business revenue model.  Am busy with my steel business for which I devote more time. I make films only with the help of my friends. People say that new producers are so often exploited and made fools. Did you also have a bitter experience when you entered production? If only you work with caution taking a lot of precaution, no such thing will happen with you. By God’s grace however, till date, whoever I have worked with has been very good to me. In any case, I am... read more

a filmmaker like Sanjay Leela Bhansali can make a film like Rowdy Rathore, why cannot a poet lyricist like me write such stuff “- Faaiz Anwar

Faaiz Anwar who has written hit songs for films like Dil Hai Ki Maanta Nahin, Saajan, Imtehan, Tum Bin, Jab We Met, Hello Brothers and recently Dabang (Tere Mast Mast Do Nain) and Rowdy Rathod (Chikni Kamar) is known as the Emperor of romantic songs, is now all set to bring a youth oriented romantic comedy called Love Ke Funday as a producer under the banner of FRV Big Business Entertainment Private Limited. Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta are the producers of the film which has been written and directed by Indervesh Yogee. The film is all set for release in July this year.Excerpts from the conversation with the lyricist cum producer Faaiz Anwar:-   How did you veer towards production all of a sudden? It isn’t a decision that I took overnight. Earlier too I had made an unsuccessful attempt at production, but this time around, along with my patner Prem Prakash Gupta, I am getting into this in a  big way. Four films are at different stages of the production under my banner.  Love Ke Funday is first to release and soon other will follow. I feel no pressure concentrating on both – writing songs and production of films. Did you set out to make a romcom just because you are known for your romantic films? Love Ke Funday isn’t just a romcom but a youth oriented film keeping the younger generation of today in mind.It is a musical film full of romance and comedy and the story revolves around the romantic ups and downs of four boys and girls. Indervesh Yogeehas done shown his finesse as director in his debut film. He is a very focused director who knows his job. It is a beautiful film and I am sure the audiences will like. Why did you opt for new faces instead of big stars for your film? Decision to take new faces was driven by my convenience and the requirement of the script. It is easy to make a film with new faces as there is absolutely no date hassles. If you cast stars, you have no other alternative but to run after them for their dates. The biggest strength of my film are its script and its cast. In any case, big stars  do not necessarily guarantee the success of any film and films flop or click irrespective of  stars or new faces. It is the content of the film that matters. On... read more

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