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Sumanta Kumar Patra New Actor Enters Bollywood

Sumanta Kumar Patra hails from Odisha, have entered bollywood with his intention of working in Hindi & Regional Films, Webseries, Albums & TV serials. This young boy has been encouraged by his friend and college friends to try his career in film industry, where he can show his artistic talent, because he has done many stage plays on School and college Events and has always been appreciated by one and all. He is being sorted for 2 web series and one music video album which are going to start soon after Rainy Season. He is presently living in Mumbai. Well versed with Hindi, Odisha & English Language, He can Swim, Ride Bikes and even Dance Very Well. He Is Ready To Work For any role whether it is small or lead role, he can give best rememberable performance To the viewers.      He Can be contacted Thru His Manager Vishal Raj mobile No.90288 00664. We team of Wonder Web World Wish Him Good Luck For His New Career. His ambition and motto is to Work Hard and give long lasting impression to his producers and... read more

CELESTIE CHARNYA A New Child Artiste To Make Her Presence Felt In Filmdom

CELESTIE CHARNYA Child Artiste she is just five year 3 months old and having eye catching photogenic face very fair, and cute little child, an ideal selection of child,  which can fulfill the requirement for any product advertisement as well as for films & TV serials. Hope it will end the search for those who are looking for new attractive baby girl face. Though she is just studying in Junior KG, but can understand Hindi &  English very well. CELESTIE CHARNYA has all the qualities of an artiste as when you say to smile she gives her innocence smile lovingly, this is what required for any advertising  agencies or media shoots, serials and films producers and directors.        After seeing this smiling photogenic face Vishalji immediately signed her for his coming venture HALKATT. CELESTIE CHARNYA is also available for commercial adds films or TV ads / Print Media Shoots. She can be contacted thru her father Shri Naushadji on  Mobile... read more

NAYSA Child Artiste All Set To Make Her Impact In Film Industry

NAYSA N. CHARANYA  has emerged as a new Child Artiste to Film Industry. With her first entry she got debut assignment of new film HALKATT. Soft spoken, photogenic and dialogue delivery of this child is remarkable. After seeing the auditions of NAYSA N. CHARANYA Vishal was he was so impressed that he immediately gave her the role by replacing welknown child artiste for NAYSA he says  I will give her more  roles in his coming short films too. NAYSA N. CHARANYA is Just 10 years old, has already done an Devotional  Album very talented artiste and has to her credit an Award & Certificate of Appreciation for performing In school.    Apart from studing she is  fond of reading, dancing and acting, which she is bent to make her career in future. She can be contact for any films, short films, add films or Print Media shoot. Good Luck to this talented child artiste NAYSA who is going to shine like a star  with her talent & Success and make her parents proud. She can be contacted thru her parents Mr NAUSHAD mobile no.... read more

Ashu Surpoor a new talent from Virar knocks Bollywood door after Govinda

A new talent Ashu Surpoor from Virar has entered the world of Bollywood after super star Govinda. Ashu who hails from a Maharashtrian business man family has been brought up in villages of Virar exteriors, since childhood she had an keen interest in becoming an actress, and success of Govinda gave her lots of inspiration, without having any godfather or any relation in film fraternity, she started herself approximately three years back and have carved a position and name in Marathi Film Industry, and know ready to enter in Bollywood. Ashu Surpoor has done many serials in Marathi for various channels, and films like she has acted in film ‘Tu Hi Re’ with Sai Tamankar, with director Sanjay Jadhav, film ‘Mi Duniya Geli Tel Lavat’ with Sidhanth Jadhav, in Tv serial ‘Pudcha Pauol’ she played daughter of popular actress Savita Prabhune for Star Pravah, serial ‘Suraksha’ and ‘Bodhivriksha’ for DD, serial ‘Police Line’, film ‘Mohar’ with Sayaji Shinde , and directed by Vijay Patkar.  Ashu Surpoor has acted with many known personalities like Milind Gunaji, Sandeep Pathak, Bhau Kadam, Sanjay Khapre, Kamlesh Sawant, Balkrishna Shinde and none other then Dilip Prabhavalkar. Serials like ‘Resham Gathi’, ‘Pudcha Pauol’, ‘Bedune Daha’, ‘Duvan’, ‘Lakshya’ and many others. Her film ‘Jhala Bobhata’ was very hit. Ashu Surpoor’s forthcoming film in Marathi with Milind Gunaji is “Chalu Dya Tumach”. Now very soon she is coming in Hindi films and Tv serials, just wait and watch.                     आशु सुरपुर, विरार से गोविंदा के बाद एक और अभिनेत्री का आगमन। विरार के एरिया से मशहूर कलाकार गोविंदा के बाद एक अभिनेत्री आशु सुरपुर का आगमन बॉलीवुड में हो रहा है।  विरार के एक महाराष्ट्रियन व्यवसायी परिवार में जन्मी आशु को बचपन से ही अभिनेत्री बनने का शौक था, और गोविंदा की सफलता ने उसके ख्वाबो में और पंख जड़ दिए। बिना किसी जान पहचान के अपने बदौलत संघर्ष कर आशु ने विगत तीन सालों में मराठी फिल्म उद्योग में अपनी जगह बना ली है, और अब बॉलीवुड में दस्तक दे रही है। आशु सुरपुर ने मराठी में कई धारावाहिक और फिल्में की है जैसे फिल्म ‘तू ही रे’ साईं तमनकर के साथ,  निर्देशक संजय जाधव, फिल्म ‘मि दुनिया गेली तेल लावत’ सिद्धार्थ जाधव के साथ, धारावाहिक ‘पुढचा पाऊल’ में वह लोकप्रिय अभिनेत्री सविता प्रभुणे की बेटी बनी थी, धारावाहिक ‘सुरक्षा’, ‘बोधिवृक्ष’, ‘पुलिस लाइन’ फिल्म ‘मोहर’ में विजय पाटकर के निर्देशन में सयाजी शिंदे के संग काम किया है। और भी कई नमी सितारे जैसे... read more

Harsh Thakur Debuts In Bhojpuri Film Rabba Ishq Na Hove

भोजपुरिया पर्दे पर छाने को तैयार हर्ष आगामी 17 नवंबर को रिलीज हो रही भोजपुरी फ़िल्म रब्बा इश्क़ ना होवे की हो रही चर्चा के बीच एक नाम ऐसा भी है जिनमे अभिनय की अपार संभावनाओं के कारण उनकी काफी तारीफ हो रही है । हर्ष ठाकुर नाम का यह बाल कलाकार रब्बा इश्क़ ना होवे में एक दमदार रोल में हैं । फ़िल्म में वह युवा सुपर स्टार अरविंद अकेला कल्लू के छोटे भाई मुरारी के रोल में हैं । फ़िल्म में उनके कई दृश्य मंझे हुए कलाकारों मनोज सिंह टॉयगर , अवधेश मिश्रा के साथ हैं । हर्ष की तारीफ करते हुए दोनों बताते हैं कि हर्ष के अंदर आत्मविश्वास कूट कूट कर भरा हुआ है । लखनऊ के मूल निवासी हर्ष नृत्य के साथ साथ कराटे और कुंफू कि भी ट्रेनिंग ले रहे हैं । रब्बा इश्क़ ना होवे के निर्देशक प्रमोद शास्त्री ने बताया की हर्ष में अभिनय की अपार संभावनाएं हैं और इस फ़िल्म के बाद उनकी लोकप्रियता काफी बढ़ जाएगी ।  ——–Uday Bhagat... read more

Samrat Sinwar Actor A proud Discovery of Rajeev Dutta

Samrat Sinwar  is the proud discovery of producer director Rajeev Dutta, Samrat Sinwar hails from Jaipur where he did hi Graduation and post gradutation from National University of Jaipur. Right from the School And college days he was found of acting and drama, in all school and college yearly events he was always been appreciated by his friends, professors and guest of the functions. This appreciation and friendly advises of many friend he came to Mumbai the Dream City Of Bollywood which has given top most Stars, Director, Music director, Singers to India. Working as representative at National News Paper Punjab Kesri.   He was introduced To Rajeev Dutta by Vishal Singh  Rajeev’s friend, in his first meeting Rajeev was so much impressed  that he immediately gave him the task of acting in his running short Film, which Samrat Sinwar  gave full justice to his selection and was appreciated by the entire unit at shoot. Samrat Sinwar coming assignments include TV serials Sawdhan India and Ghulam, he is ready to accept any role whether it is  Negative also, according to him all roles has its own impact on the audience. He is the ardent fan of Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Karanveer Bora, his only ambition to Become Good Actor and Excellent artiste beside being A Good Human, He Can be Contacted thru Rajeev Dutta of Way 2 Fame on Mobile... read more

Shahnawaz Shaikh Handsome Charming Artiste with  Pleasant Nature

Shahnawaz Shaikh is  talented new comer with lot of acting calibre,Young Smart and handsome charming artiste with  pleasant nature  has entered bollywood to prove is artistic performance. He was born 8th July 1998 and brought up in Gujarat. He has the distinction of playing Cricket Under 19 Cricket Team For India. His artiste & modelling  desire brought him to Mumbai the Dream world for film aspirants.  In A short span of time he is being finalised for 4 Short movies, and 2 TV serials in a nice role in Sawdhan India And Ghulam. He is the ardent fan of Salman Khan and have a lot of respect for and Rajeev Dutta who have helped and gave proper guidance  in his  carreer.   Well travelled all over India for his Cricket Team his past time and hobby is  travelling by Bike & Car, and rehearising for fight Scenes. He can be contact for any role any Language film and print and media Publicity assignments thru Way 2 Fame on  Mobile no.... read more

Mayuri Santosh Berde A Upcoming Artiste

A Upcoming Artiste Mayuri Santosh Berde, thou she is still young  but is suitable for roles for College Student, Sister, Nurse, Sales Girl etc. Well spoken this young aspirant is anxious to work for Films, albums, TV serials, Web series, Phoot Shoot For Print Media Etc. Below is her profile For producer-directors searching for young artiste for their films and serials. Name :- Mayuri Santosh Berde Age     :- 14years City      :- Mumbai Sex      :- Female Artist card no :- 4076 Eyes          :-   Black complexion :- fair Hair           :-  brown Shoe         :- 8 Email address :- Print / catalog :- yes Traditional wear :- YES western wear :-  YES Ramps             :-   YES Nightwear       :- NO TV series         :- YES Short films     :- YES Album             :- YES Webseries    :- YES Calendar shoot :- YES Print shoot     :- YES Travel in any city :- YES Experience  :- shortfilms, cameo in upcoming power movie, play... read more

Gayatri Ahire  A New Actress and Model

Gayatri Ahire  A New Actress and Model This Young Girl With Fascinating Face, Fabulous Figure And Flourishing Future.  Presently a Nurse In Govt Hospital has felt to venture in Film & Print Media Industry as her career, because her friends and colleagues are of the opinion she has a nice future ahead in Films & Modelling. The brave, bold and beautiful Gayatri Ahire,  who had faced the camera, very early when she entered Mumbai and had performed in an her debut  advt. for a local news paper, she is very thankful for him to give proper break and made her way to enter  modelling Industry.  Born and brought up at Jalgaon Maharashtra where she did her college studies, came to Mumbai and joined KEM School of Nursing(Mumbai) and became Nurse in A Govt. Hospital for Living. The young girl with fascinating face, fabulous figure and flourishing future, Gayatri Ahire, has been selected for a Popular Magazine for Cover Page shoot for which she was praised well.. She loves dancing and watching movies as her pastime which now has become her profession & desire She has high regards for Akshay Kumar whom she consider as her Idol. She is ready to accept challenging roles  in any Hindi, Bhojpuri or any other regional languages for albums, Films and  Add Modelling. She can be contact thru Rajeev Dutta Way 2 Fame PR Services for any TV Serial / Albums / Films Add shoot for Print Media and TV advertisements on mobile No. 9819 0604 36            ... read more

Muskan Pandey A New Introduction To Bollywood

Muskan Pandey is a new comer to bollywood, but she is bound to make her presence felt in bollywood, Bhojpuri and add publicity with her artistic talent and look. Born In Mumbai on 29 Nov 1999 and had her education at Cambridge School, Mumbai and now getting her degree at Bhavans College Andheri, She Can speak fluently in Hindi, Marathi & English. Her forthcoming assignments include one Video Album and a Hindi film for which she is being finalised.   From the childhood she was interested in acting and dancing, which now she has chosen as her profession, as she feels she can give better performance with heart in this career. She has learn basic acting and dance training from professionals of the Film Industry.   For any suitable and challenging roles or add shoot for Print Media and TV advertisement. She can be contacted thru Way 2 Fame PR services on 98190... read more

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