Our Moto is one of the most successful, popular and informative Web Magazine related to Bollywood, which covers everything pertaining to music and entertainment industry for instance news, views, film reviews, interviews, trade talk, events coverage, functions, Previews, Mahurats, Music Launchings, Recordings, Premieres, get-to-gathers and matter related to different film associations which is an essential aspect for one and all in order to function smoothly in entertainment profession. These includes actors, music directors, lyricist, writers, producers, director, cinema and multiplex owners ,distributors, exhibitors, corporate houses, costume designers and technicians of the industry.
Our web platform is open for celebs as well as new entrants who have been beneficial through their coverages .
We keep on making innovations for the benefit of the industry at particular intervals to be best out of the rest.
We can provide all sort of details of the movies made from silent era that is 1913 to till date instantly.
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