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Miss World Queens Toni Singh-Emmy Cuvelier-Shree Saini help raise $4 million for children in need at Variety’s Children Charity Telethon

Variety’s Children Charity 46th telethon raised $4,084,646 for children’s hospitals and nonprofits, that provide care to underprivileged, at risk, critically ill and special needs children. Now, nearly $120 million dollars has been raised fundraised for children in need, in Iowa. Miss World America generously donated $20,000 to Variety’s Children Charity. “I believe all of us are inherently good people and all of us want to do good, Miss World Organization and Variety the Children’s Charity demonstrate how important it is to put our good thoughts in action and serve the people around us,” said Shree Saini, Miss World America Washington. Miss World queens visited news channels Iowa Live and ABC Local 5 news. They were seen helping out with the telethon and visiting hospitals, that Variety provides funding for. helped at the telethon and visited hospitals. Miss World 2019 Toni Singh mentioned it’s crucial to give kids opportunities to reach their full potential. Miss World America 2019 Emmy Cuvelier shared how she works with ill children and bring them joy, through her singing. Shree spoke about her life journey from being a critically ill child to becoming a strong young woman., has allowed to work to uplift those kids.    “Big thanks to Miss World organization’s Mrs. Julia Morley, Mr. Steve Douglas, Miss World America and Variety for instilling goodness in the hearts of thousands of people. You inspire others to take action. Thank you to our Variety’s Children Charity family, Variety legends Mr. Stanley W. Reynolds, Mr. Stan Reynolds, Mrs. Suzanne Reynolds Arnold, Mr. Brooks Reynolds, Mrs. Sheri McMichael for changing lives of thousands of people,” said Shree Saini.... read more

NRI Diary Starring Aman Verma Selected in 12 National and International Film Festival

“NRI Diary” a film featuring top television star and host and film actor Aman Verma now has the reason to celebrate as his film got selected in 12 international film festival.  The film got official entry in Cotton City International Film Festival, Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival, Hohe International Film Festival, Samskara International Film Festival, Shunya Online International Film Festival, Penzance International Film Festival, K Asif Chambal International Film Festival, Lakecity International Film Festival, Ayodhya Film Festival, Everest International Film Festival and World Film Fair Las Vegas. Recently the makers of NRI Diary has released the first look of poster starring Aman Verma, Costa, Matyalda, Deva and Mohan Das in lead roles. The poster received very good response from audience it is also appreciated by critics. NRI Diary is the story based on rape and murder case of foreign girl.     Music composed by Raj Verma. The film made under the banner of Raj Verma & Company and Dkp films production, Story Shashi Kumar and Directed by Manish KP Yadav and produced by Raja Ram Yadav & co-produced by Dinesh Prajapati. The film will hit the screens in... read more

Bollywood Star Studded Launch Of CIRCUS CIRCUS Eatery And Bar

Sunday evening witnessed the presence of top personalities from Bollywood, Television industry amid the mix of elite corporate world and noted celebrities at the grand opening of CIRCUS CIRCUS an eatery on Gulmohar Road in Juhu, Mumbai. Ravi Singh who has set up his brand of the popular RAVIZ eateries in New Zealand has now stepped in the Indian hospitality business with his flagship brand CIRCUS CIRCUS.  Ravi and Kiran Singh played perfect hosts during the evening by recommending the eatery’s specialties individually to the guests personally keeping their eating preferences in mind. Ravi Singh launched the Raviz Group of Indian Restaurants in Auckland, New Zealand in the year 2000. “Initially the journey was difficult, it felt as if at almost every turn there were obstacles and the universe just wasn’t working our way, this is where my values of self-control and honesty played a big role in moving ahead, but gradually the group grew to 12 restaurants,” Ravi mentioned.          Girish Wankhede Marketing and PR Head, Rajesh Dhabre  Commissioner for customs and GST, Director Vinod Pande,  Actress and Social activist Nikita Rawal, Director Chandrakant Singh, Actor Rajeev Paul, Anil Kumar Editor Mantralya Times, Actress Leena Kapoor , Actress Adita Jain , Actress Myraa, Actor Nagesh Bhosle, Dr Naavnidhi K Wadhwa and Others were present the event. With the RAVIZ outlets growing, Ravi Singh and Kiran Singh opened boutique hotels in both New Zealand and India which flourished with tourists and local visitors. “After a good long 20 years run in New Zealand, we decided to go back to our roots with everything we had learnt internationally and start up again in the city of dreams, Mumbai,” adds Ravi Singh who credits most of the group’s success to his business-cum-life partner. The old adage needs to be altered – There is always a female ‘walking alongside and leading the successful male’. Girish Wankhede of Entity One Entertainment Solutions, the marketing consultants to CIRCUS CIRCUS mentioned, “This is an innovative eatery offering Malaysian, Chinese and North Indian cuisine which is the USP of Ravi Singh’s swanky eatery. This is what sets them apart.” Ravi Singh plans to set up the second CIRCUS CIRCUS eatery in South Mumbai very soon. And this is just the... read more

Dr Naavnidhi K Wadhwa Inaugurates Tabassum Art Exhibition Nostalgia

Mrs Universe Asia Queen 2019 Dr. Naavnidhi K wadhwa inaugurated Tabassum’s Art Exhibiton Nostalgia at Jahangir Art Gallery fort, Mumbai. “It was in an art camp that I saw Tabassum’s work for the first time. I was intrigued by her deft handling of themes as well as her use of materials. I could see that her chosen subjects are birds and animals—evoked in their different moods and forms. Some are playful and feisty, while others are foreboding and mysterious”, Said Naavnidhi. Usually we see birds as light and joyful beings of mellow temper, and associate them with a celebration of hope, or the freedom of flight. Some pets and other animals, even in their wild state, may amuse us. In Tabassum’s art, however, they acquired a somewhat different appearance and significance. Their corporeal state, at times, seems overloaded, burdensome, broken and even tortured. Tabassum brings out the emotional intensity of her themes in coarse, straw-like lines.     She finely delves into the warp and weft of their pain, fear, the occasional joy and more frequent bleakness. One may also be reminded of certain issues of our troubled times—relating to environment and violence. The red blotches at places represent corpuscles strewn here and there. Her circumscription of the images, assimilating various moods, is most arresting. The wound-inflicting fangs and claws, and preys erratically moving away, are a reminiscent of the constant struggle for survival. The pony’s wings are not yet fully articulated, but the pressure bows it down.Various creatures and critters have been set adrift—with pulsating, euphoric energy, yet a strange wave of stillness covers them. To view these images offered in black and white, and in colours as well, is to find oneself pausing and pondering over the fabric and patterns of existence itself. The way Tabassum creates and recreates her visual vocabulary, is a treat to watch. Even the ruins in her works are enlivening. To treat life in its multiple dimensions and aspects is always a challenging task in literature and arts, and it is most heartening to see Tabassum taking up this challenge with... read more

Indian – American Miss World America Washington Shree Saini will be seen by 18 million people via Jumbotron billboard

Indian – American Miss World America Washington Shree Saini will be seen by 18 million people, via a Jumbotron billboard. This is a double sided video display on one of America’s busiest highway. The jumbotron billboard has a picture of Shree Saini displayed with the letter “Congratulations Shree Saini Miss World America Washington” the Highway side. 18 million more people will read about Miss World and Miss World America organization this year. The sign is a double-sided video display that runs 24/7, 365 days a year. On the average, about 26,000 cars pass the sign daily and, in the summer, the daily average increases to 45,000 cars, totaling more than 9 million cars crossing the sign per year. This Jumbo-tron is fully dedicated to raise awareness on Shree’s humble charity work via her pageant organizations Miss World and Miss World America. Miss World is an organization that has fund-raised 1.6 billion for charities all around the world. The 23-year-old Indian American student Shree Saini is an emotional fitness and heart health advocate and is crowned Miss World America Washington. Shree became the winner of 5 awards at Miss World America 2019. She is a global speaker who advocates for emotional fitness, which wants her audiences to “choose positive, solution-oriented thoughts and believe in your potential to transform your community”. She wants to engage the audience to become more active, by donating their time and/ or donating to charities. 18 million more people will read about Miss World America's Miss World organization this year, thanks to this Jumbotron billboard. This is a data from the Recent Traffic Count Study in #Washingtonstate (daily average 26,000 Vehicles / Tucks / Buses and 50,000 people). This Jumbotron #billboard is a double-sided video display, that runs 24/7/365.Mrs. Julia Morley, CEO of the #MissWorld organization, has raised 1.3 billion dollars for different charities, in over 140 countries!48 year ago, Mrs. #JuliaMorley created #BeautyWithAPurpose. Every day, thousands of contestants work on their #BWAP projects and aid charities with their humanitarian work.❤ I am truly #honored to be a part of this Transformative Organization and ready to serve even more people.❤ Let us all create our positive difference with each #conversation and each #interaction. ❤ Let's go out and serve our amazing communities. Shree Saini Ekta Saini#MissWorld #MissWorldAmerica #ShreeSaini#MissWorldAmericaWashington Posted by Shree Saini on Tuesday, November 5,... read more

I will file defamation case against Maushami Chatterjee : Dicky Sinha

Veteran actor Moushumi Chatterjee suffered a great loss this year with the passing of her daughter Payal on December 13. Suffering from juvenile diabetes, Payal had been undergoing treatment for a long time and was in a coma since last year. During the 45-year-old’s prolonged illness, Moushumi also had to endure legal battles over her daughter’s custody — The actress filed a case against Payal’s in-laws, including husband Dicky Sinha, for neglecting her health and not paying her medical bills. The Sinha family has stayed silent since, but Dicky has finally spoken up. “I was quiet all this while because I did not want my focus to shift from taking care of my ailing wife Payal. I waited for so many hours and sent her maternal people SMS’ so that they could attend her funeral,” he reveals. As for his battle with Moushumi, Dicky shares that he has plans to file a defamation suit against the actress once the rituals for Payal’s death have been completed. “I have to finish all the rituals, which will take some time. I have to go to Triveni after 40 days to submerge Payal’s ashes in the Ganga. I want my wife’s soul to rest in peace. Then I will go ahead and file a defamation case against Moushumi Chatterjee in January,” he confirms, adding that the actress didn’t even visit her daughter in the hospital. “While Payal was ailing and the doctors had informed us of her serious illness, her mother hardly visited her. Her sister and father would come often and visit Payal,” he asserts.   The businessman opines that Payal and Moushumi’s relationship was strained. “She (Payal) did not get that love from her mother, but she was regularly in touch with her father. They had some issues that can be double-checked with any of their relatives. Perhaps there was some difference with Moushumi, who lived in Nibhana, while Payal and dad lived together until she got married to me and started living with me,” he says. Dismissing allegations that he did not pay her medical bills, Dicky instead looks back at his love story with Payal. “We have been friends from early 2000, we met online on Orkut. It’s been a very good journey so far with her, and it is extremely sad that she is no more. Payal was an independent girl. We got married in Arya Samaj  and then later had a court marriage. We were happy,”... read more

Vsquare Production House Roped Ankita Thakur For 7 Projects

Known professionally as Ankita Thakur, is an Indian model hails from Kolkata. A Computer Science graduate and a software engineer by profession, she brought several laurels to the family with her contribution to athletics and games which she has been associated throughout her schooling period. Being passionate and having inclination towards acting brought her to the new carrier in a new direction all together  where she is looking forward to explore her talent and acting skills. Luckily, she has got a major breakthrough when Vikas Vashistha’s production house ‘Vsquare’ locked her for 5 music videos and 2 films. Let’s hope she does find what she is looking for. However, she looked quite graceful, glamorous and promising while performing on the sets of her first music video ‘Drame Na De’ opposite Girish Nakod, Muhfaad and directed by Himanshu Tyagi.     “Ankita has a great potential. Her performance is very striking and shows a lot of promise. Her performance with actor can be well received by the audience. We look forward to creating more successful music videos and films under Vsquare banner. I wish her a grand success ahead, “said Vikas Vashistha, Producer of Vsquare, in a... read more

Bollywood Film Director Manish Vatssalya’s Film SCOTLAND In OSCARS

The prestigious Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, honors the best talent in films fraternity across the globe. Indian film Director Manish Vatssalya’s film “Scotland” has found a place in the Oscar contenders for 2020 in the best feature film category. Scotland is in the race as one of the Oscar contenders in most prestigious best Feature film category with other Hollywood biggies. The film is already won 62 International awards and still the counting is on. Manish Vatssalya’s Scotland is a crime thriller. Based on some very real incidents happening in Country where girls are being raped and murdered mercilessly. This film is vigilante and it tries to search for a solution what happens if it cursed on a common family. In this film a father of rape victim takes law and orders in his hand to justice. The film ‘Scotland’ features Adam Saini, Khushboo Purohit, Manish Vatssalya, Chetan Pandit, Daya Shankar Pandey in prominent roles along with Aakash Dagar, Amin Gazi, Samar Katyaan, Shahbaz Khan, Sanjeev Jha, Brajesh Jha, Savi Sidhu, Rajeev Rana, Rajesh Bakshi, Nilesh Malviya, Anuj Sharma, Girish Pal, C P Thakur, Hema kanoi, Kashish Rai, Sonu Chourasia, Kratika Singh Rajput and Anupam Apoorw with unending list.  Ex Scottish cop Debutant Adam Saini has already won 7 best actors award in various international film festivals for SCOTLAND.    Scotland is produced by Zaina Ibourak (British Moroccan) and Manish Vatssalya under the banner of Mars UK Films Ltd & Vatssalya Films. The film Story by Adam Saini and screenplay dialogues  by Piyush Priyank and edited by Mansoor Azmi. Zaina Ibourek a British-Moroccan, she always considers herself “ an Indian by heart”, since childhood she had been dreamt of working with Indian film Industry, her dream come true. Manish Vatssalya said, “Its like dreams come true to be a part of such prestigious platform like Oscars. It’s like daydreaming.  I am really honored to God, My Producer partner Zaina Ibourak and my whole team for their commendable job and support. “SCOTLAND” has been shortlisted as one of the Oscar contenders in the mainstream Best feature film category, which means it will be competing with the Hollywood biggies like Joker, The Irishman, Once upon a time in Hollywood etc. to find a space for itself on this extraordinary... read more

Big Basket joins hands with to enhance social impact footprint

India aims to become one of the largest economies in the world but millions of underprivileged & underserved people in the country still sleep hungry and are void of personal hygiene – the root cause of many diseases. Zero hunger and good health are 2 of the 17 sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations to transform India. In order to help tackle this issue, Mumbai based startup Letsallhelp launched its online social impact platform, collaborating with Big Basket as its supplies and logistics partner. is a simple and transparent online social impact platform with zero fees to take care of basic food & hygiene needs of kids, women, men and elderly at orphanages, old homes, shelters and unaided schools in India. will work closely with LetsallHelp to manage the procurement and delivery of all donated products to the respective beneficiaries. Social impact start-up LetsallHelp launches online platform focusing on providing monthly food and basic personal hygiene to the underprivileged Big Basket to be the supplies and logistics partner and spread awareness of the goodness of giving Abhinay Chaudhary, Co-Founder and Head of New Initiatives at Big Basket said, “Our long experience in managing logistics will help add to the promise of reliability, transparency and trust of our social impact partner. We are delighted to be associated with’s vision and are sure that our relationship will grow from strength to strength to create a big social impact”. “I am thrilled and grateful for the partnership with I always believed in a simple yet profound thought – give more than what you get from the society. We wanted to create a platform where donors have 100% trust, transparency and know the impact they are making through their contributions. LetsAllHelp gives donors an opportunity to contribute towards helping underprivileged and underserved and feel good about the impact they are making,” Premal Shah, Change Maker & Founder of said. “I believe that each one can be a Changemaker so that we can live in a society which we have always dreamed of, one where everyone is content, healthy and happy.” Premal added. 100% of contributions made through Lets All Help’s online platform reach the intended beneficiaries every month without any deductions, administration fees or platform fees. Apart from being the Supplies & Logistics partner, and will work together in on several marketing, corporate and employee related initiatives to increase awareness and create an impactful giving platform. How read more

Choreographers Sandip Soparrkar and Vijayshree Chaudhary help Suman Rao to prepare for Miss World 2019

Rajasthan girl Suman Rao won the 2nd Runner Up title at the Miss World 2019 contest held in London. Earlier in the year she was crowned Femina Miss India World 2019 and was representing India at the Miss World 2019 pageant. The 20-year-old had previously won the title of Miss India Rajasthan 2019. To help her prepare for the Talent Round and Dances of The World Round, Choreographers Sandip Soparrkar and Vijayshree Chaudhary worked with her for several months. Speaking on training Suman, Bollywood and Ballroon dance guru Sandip Said, “With the help of the Miss India Organization, we chose the songs for suman’s Talent Round and Dances of The World Round. For over three Months, Suman dedicatedly trained with Vijayshree Chaudhary and Me, and religiously did her dance practice. She is not only a beautiful girl, but also very talented. I wish her all the best for Miss World Contest – I am sure she will make all of proud.” Classical dance guru Vijayshree said, “Suman is a trained Kathak dancer and knows the nuances of Indian Classical and Fold dance. It was delight to teach her because she is extremely focused, intelligent and attentive with a lot of grance and poise. Suman’s talent round dance is a tribute to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who is and Indian icon with a global presence. For the dances of The World Round, Suman will perform the Indian folk dance ghoomar, which showcases the colourful essence of her state, Rajasthan. Miss Jamaica Tony-Ann Singh was crowded Miss World 2019. Miss France Ophély Mézino stood 1st runner up and Miss India Suman Rao adjudged 2nd runner... read more

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